Dartmoor fly fishing

You will be responsible for any damage to the rental property that is caused by you or your party during your stay. Children allowed - Not suitable for young children Not suitable for young children. Pets allowed - Dogs must be kept under control around livestock Dogs must be kept under control around livestock. High-touch surfaces cleaned with disinfectant e. The property is used by the family and contains their possessions and ornaments.

Bedroom drawers will be clear; but you'll find boots, coats, condiments and childrens' toys around. The little converted 1 bedroom barn on the other side of the farmyard is occupied. Private hosts do not rent properties as a trade, business or profession.

Country: Dartmoor/ Wild trout in a perfect, miniature world

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dartmoor fly fishing

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Secluded farmhouse — high on Dartmoor, with fly-fishing on the River Dart. Property overview.

Learning with a qualified fly fishing instructor

Farmhouse People: 6 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Min. Stay: 4 nights. Ancient 3 bedroom farmhouse in stunning moorland setting with private fishing.

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Bedrooms Bedrooms: 3. People: 6. Bedroom 2. Middle bedroom with window overlooking garden. Bedroom 1. Main bedroom with dual aspect overlooking garden. Bedroom 3. Facilities Featured Internet. Bathrooms Bathrooms: 2. Safety features Smoke detector. Location Type mountain Easy rambles takes you up onto the moors and there are good tracks leading to various tors, tin mines and archaeological monuments.

The open moors of peat and granite stretch far beyond. Plenty of options for easy or longer walks on the farm itself.Much of the river fishing on Dartmoor is privately owned but stretches of the East and West Dart Rivers may be fished on the purchase of a Duchy of Cornwall permit contact Reservoir fishing is also available within the National park. Information about reservoirs and permits is available from the South West Lakes Trust on Alternatively visit www.

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Dartmoors rivers and reservoirs are noted for their fishing. Currently Featured. Burrator Reservoir. South West Lakes Trust. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Necessary Always Enabled. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.At six in the morning on Dartmoor the world was held in a cool grey bubble with a black river running through the middle of it.

There were no sounds but the Cherrybrook River whispering to itself as it picked its way across the moor. No cars would be along the road for hours; the only living things in the world were me and the trout. Unfortunately the bigger trout were still asleep. For a couple of hours I worked my way up and down a perfect miniature river, catching nothing but perfect miniature trout. My hotel room key was longer than some of the fish I caught before breakfast that morning.

Later, the river would wake up and produce trout of a more comfortable size. However, in the very early morning, the whole world seems shrunk to a Lilliputian scale. The Cherrybrook itself is hardly larger than a stream. In spring and early summer, it can almost be crossed in Wellington boots, rather than waders. Its deepest pools are little more than waist deep and it is often no more than a couple of yards wide.

But it behaves like a proper river. It has rapids, long bubbly shallows full of trailing weed, and deep curves undercutting peat where the monster fish lurk. And there are monsters: one man caught a three-and-a-half pound wild trout here, which would be a matter for congratulation even on the Hampshire chalk streams.

dartmoor fly fishing

On the Cherrybrook, the fish must have looked a bit like the beast that ate Jonah. To gain a sense of remoteness from the quotidian world, and closeness to primal monsters, is one of the main reasons for fishing. This is quite unrelated to the size of the quarry. It is a function of their wildness.

Wild brown trout are now almost impossible to find in the south-east of England, and are little valued where they are found, compared to fat stocked fish. Dartmoor offers the last remaining accessible and affordable fishing for them in southern England. It is extraordinarily cheap: the Duchy of Cornwall land on the moor costs pounds 3 a day to fish, or pounds 12 a week. By comparison, fishing on a reservoir costs about pounds 20 a day; a gravel pit stocked with dirigible rainbows of anything up to 20 pounds can easily cost pounds 40 a day; while a day on the River Test can set you back pounds There is clearly little demand for naturally grown brown trout in wild rivers.

In fact the moor does not look as if it fishable at all. The West Dart river is swift and glamorous, running across deep shelves of rock in a salmony pools, or plunging through rapids.

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It is absurdly photogenic: I have four times been kept off favourite stretches by film crews. But its beautiful reaches have very little vegetation in them, and so little fly life for the trout to feed on. Just once, however, I was broken by something large and intelligent which grabbed a dry fly and then set off down the nearest rapid. The East Dart is smaller and more intimate than the West branch of the river. It is said to hold the best trout fishing on the moor, but has too many walkers for my taste.

Moorland fishing is best conducted without an audience, and with a lot of room for backcasts, since the trout live in symbiosis with the surrounding gorse bushes: the trout get protection and the gorse bushes nourishment from the flies and bits of skin and clothing that fishermen leave in them. The trout, though shy, are easy to fool and will take almost any small dry fly, but the gorse bushes demand great caution and elaborate equipment to circumvent. Probably the best way to approach them is to wear thigh waders and move up the middle of the river with a long rod.Dartmoor boasts over 26 miles of stunning rivers cutting across the Moor.

Much of this is made up of the East and West Dart and their tributaries as they make their way South to join the River Dart. Dartmoor also features stretches of both the Teign and Taw.

All these rivers feature not only fantastic scenery and valuable habitat for amazing wildlife but are also home to some of the finest fly-fishing stretches in the country. Famous for wild brown trout, sea trout and salmon, Dartmoor rivers offer unrivalled surroundings for fly fishing.

The White Hart Hotel, Moretonhampstead, is the perfect base to start — whether you are a seasoned expert or an enthusiastic beginner. We can also help you with advice and guidance as the best places to go and to arrange instruction if you need. The East Dart provides many miles of classic brown trout fishing.

Set amongst beautiful moorland, good sport can be had right up to its headwaters. The best of the salmon and sea trout fishing is found in the middle to lower reaches and fishing through pots and boulder runs is required to cover the lies.

Fly Fishing

We recommend anglers explore the whole of this lovely river by fishing between the access points and nearby footpaths are available should anglers not want to retrace their steps along the river. A small tributary offering challenging fishing for brown trout.

The more accessible water is found in the 1km or so below Pizwell Bridge on the right-hand bank and around Runnage Bridge. A very small stream offering fishing for brown trout. The best fishing is found in the lower reaches, although this is technically challenging due to the abundance of natural flora and the size of the stream. The West Dart flows through one of the most beautiful valleys on Dartmoor and, although slightly shorter then the East Dart, it is a bigger river due to the influence of several major tributaries.

It contains some of the largest pools and glides on Dartmoor, providing excellent brown trout fishing throughout, along with some opportunities for salmon and sea trout fishing. One of the largest of the Dart tributaries, it has good brown trout fishing with the best water being found between confluence with the West Dart and Oakery Bridge.

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One of the most well-known brown trout streams on Dartmoor, it contains lots of good water, the best being found from the confluence with the West Dart to the Lower Cherrybrook Bridge. A small tributary providing brown trout fishing. It features a number of baffles that have created long stretches of glide.

There is a steep section at the bottom end which is very tough walking, so anglers may want to start further upstream. A small tributary, it starts life just to the south east of Princetown and there is a dam in the middle to upper reaches.

Fishing for brown trout through boulder strewn sections and pocket water. If you fancy trying your hand at fly fishing just let us know and we can arrange everything for you — from professional tuition to making sure you have all the right equipment to get you started!As usual, my tastes have been pretty mixed, too, with both local match fishing more on this in my next post and some fly sport on more remote waters.

I realise this must sound like chalk and cheese, but I honestly get a kick out of both, albeit for quite different reasons. Sometimes there is a lot to be said for crap phone signal and a good walk, which is exactly what I found on a visit to the pretty Avon Dam, South Dartmoor.

But in fairness, the long walk and fly fishing only signs might put a fair proportion of them off. The route itself is just beautiful too, in the late spring.

Tiny, overgrown roads take you through little villages and enticing glimpses of the river, before you reach the more open, higher ground. What a treat the walk to Avon Dam is, too. We made short work of the mile or so approach, enjoying the ruggedly beautiful scenery, curious sheep and an unlikely mix of gorse and bright pink rhodedendrons not quite as evil as Himalayan Balsam, at least. The little river was beautiful, too. But what a place to tempt wild fish- with little boulder-strewn runs, waterfalls and miniature pools.

I had three small browns in mere minutes of fishing i. Each one flung itself at the fly; being lazy and having planned for the lake, I simply used a 9ft 5wt with a duo of small traditional flies a Bibio as a sight indicator-cum-dropper, with a Black Spider on point.

In the meantime, Paulina found two free walking sticks and became aquainted with the locals- including a clumsy and completley fearless cow. There were also lots of really skittish lambs, no doubt wary of the dogs, even though they have to be on leads here. It was a perfect length walk, in fact, with a mile or so each way, making this a great little fishing trip for anyone with non-fishing folks joining them.

dartmoor fly fishing

Finally, though, after a bit more of a climb, we were to reach Avon Dam Reservoir itself. Of course, the usual Devon fly fishing season also applies 15th March to 30th September. I could get technical about the fishing, but it would be pointless. It was incredibly simple. Put out a decent line and give a lively figure of eight retrieve.

Quite quickly I saw signs of life, with rises and an early splashy take, just as my flies came back under the rod tip. For me, the place cries out for a scaled down loch style approach with two or three bushy flies. A cast and step approach seemed sensible, as I cast along the shoreline, aiming to cover different water each shot. Not much over an hour was sufficient, though, and after missing another tiddly little trout right down the edge, a longer cast resulted in a better pull and a fish that had me convinced it was bigger.

Fly fishing on the East and West Dart rivers

And in a funny way, that was enough for me. After the long walk, a tin of IPA, well cooled in the stream, tasted especially delicious, too. Could I have loitered for another couple of hours? Yes, definitely. I intend to make a return visit at some point- and I suspect something like a little Sedgehog would also provide some thrills with these aggressive Dartmoor trout.

You might also enjoy Crooked Linesmy book of fishing tales, which has a story all about the joys of Dartmoor, featuring the River Dart and Cherry Brook, among other places. Catch my latest news, offers, free content and the chance to win a signed copy of my latest book. Not big, or especially clever, but there are some beautiful wild fish up on the moor. Very pretty though! Just about every puddle we came across was full of tadpoles, even in late May.

Not big, but insanely pretty, these Dartmoor fish.This video - and others on the website - show how we can help beginners and experienced anglers enjoy wonderful fly fishing on Dartmoor and in South Devon.

Wading is generally easy over gravel and cobble substrate, with good bank access throughout. In fact without his assistance I doubt that I would have found the best parts of the river or been confident enough that I was using the right tactics.

If you have yet to sample these streams, and I strongly suggest that you do, then you can contact Geoff or his partner Paul Kenyon.

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Fishing guides do it because we love to help other anglers get the most of their time on the water. Geoff definitely fits into that category. This is a perfectly understandable request. Even as guides we suffer agonies of uncertainty about what flies to take when we go on holiday to unfamiliar rivers. Westcountry trout are generally not fussy eaters but sometimes the design of fly does matter.

Being able to recognize insects that live on stones on the bed of the rivers and stages in their life-cycle will give you confidence that you are using the right type of fly. We are qualified fly fishing instructors and Snowbee registered instructors and fishing guides.

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Paul devotes more time than is reasonable to his lifelong love of all things associated with fish, fishing and Dartmoor rivers. Geoff lives in Chagford half a mile from the river Teign and within easy distance of the Dartmoor lakes and streams. Geoff's favourite fishing is for brown trout in the wilds of Dartmoor.

A Fly Fishing Devon Gift Voucher makes a great Christmas, birthday, surprise present or way to say "thank you" at any time of the year. The Gift Voucher can be designed to cover the needs of beginners as well as more experienced anglers. Please ask the recipient to 'phone or email Fly Fishing Devon to arrange a suitable date and location and tailor a session to meet the needs of the person receiving the Gift Voucher.

Children under 12 do not require an Envoironment Agency rod licence. Toggle navigation. Guided fishing for sea trout Fly Fishing Equipment What do I need to bring to an instruction or guiding session?

What flies should I buy? Welcome to Fly Fishing Devon run by Geoff Stephens and Paul Kenyon We are qualified fly fishing instructors and Snowbee registered fishing guides This video - and others on the website - show how we can help beginners and experienced anglers enjoy wonderful fly fishing on Dartmoor and in South Devon Contact us to arrange instruction and guided fly fishing or purchase a Gift Voucher.

Fly fishing with a guide on the Upper Yealm in South Devon. Upper Yealm Fishery offers It is relatively wide and free from overhanging vegetation. Fly fishing with a guide on the River Avon in South Devon. The Rake beat covers 2 km of fishing on the River Avon near Kingsbridge.

Fishing is available on a day ticket basis through the Westcountry Angling Passport scheme. Fly fishing with a guide on Dartmoor.

West Dart in June West Dart in May How a fly fishing guide can help you We will introduce you to catching wild brown trout in unspoilt surroundings. A fly fishing guide can unlock the secrets of catching these wild fish in unspoilt surroundings. Many of the beats we use have benefited from work carried out by the Westcountry Rivers Trust to improve access for anglers. A guide can help you read a river and understand why some parts of the river are more likely to hold larger fish.

Westcountry trout are generally not fussy eaters but sometimes the size of the fly does matter. Being able to recognize the insects that live on stones on the bed of the rivers will give you confidence that you are using the right type of fly. A roll cast is often the best way of delivering a fly when you are faced with overhanging bankside vegetation.

We can help you refine your casting techniques.With some better weather and fly hatches arriving, the Turrall staff have been back to one of their favourite trout fisheries in Devon, the beautiful Fernworthy Reservoir. This year, more than any other, it has been cold, wetter and later than expected. And with the rivers still high and difficult, it has been a case of getting out onto the reservoirs instead for some sport.

Fernworthy Reservoir is a particular favourite with the Turrall crew. Even so, I wondered whether it would be a little early for the fish to be very active. Very small brownish buzzers seemed to be the culprits, as lots of shucks and hatching adults proved. We tackled up with five and six weight rods, although with the lack of much wind we could have gone a bit lighter, I suspected.

All three of us went for long, fairly fine leaders 5lb droppers of at least 15ft. This is dependent on conditions, but definitely helped us get good presentation in the calm spells, allowing flies to land well away from the heavier fly line. There was only the lightest ripple on the water as we began, suggesting it might fish hard.

But with gentler conditions and such small naturals hatching I went small to start with, with spiders and buzzers in sizes 14 to 18 although even these looked big compared to a lot of the real flies.

I had a small, dark wildie right from the off on a Black Spider, but then struggled to get another bite for a while. The others were struggling a bit too, initially, so it was a case of experimenting until we got it right. Gary mixed it up with some different nymphs and even the odd mini lure, but as before, it was his use of buoyant flies as part of a team of three that I found most interesting about his approach.

Not only does it fish differently to a normal fly, tending to hang just in the surface film or below, but also changes the way your other flies fish.

And when the trout are feeding in the upper layers it will keep your other buzzers higher up in the water too, almost like a mini washing line set up. It could just be my new favourite point fly! It certainly worked for Gary anyway. While most of us use flies that sink and then rise as we pull them, he often uses a fly that is buoyant on the point, which will sink when he pulls.

Or perhaps even deadlier, will suspend and just hang there enticingly when he makes a pause. Whatever he was doing, it earned him the next fish, a cracking stockie putting a good bend in his rod. An excellent fish for Fernworthy. Perhaps one of the most common errors for these Dartmoor Reservoirs is to stick to only one or two spots.

A quick word of warning here is to approach each new spot carefully, though. Tempting as it is to wade straight in and launch a long cast, quite often the fish were just a few rod lengths out. With the going tough early on, Simon put in the legwork to get into one or two lesser fished spots and it quickly paid off. He had a manic half hour with two landed, two lost, by doing something totally different though.

The tactic that seemed to drive the fish nuts was a Mini Muddler fly, pulled just inches under the surface. Gary then managed another fish after trying to provoke them a bit more by switching to a Cormorant. That was the last of the action for a while though, as the skies brightened and it seemed a good time to stop for lunch.

There is access pretty much all the way around Fernworthy, making it a great venue for anglers who love to roam. We found plenty of space just along the lodge bank though- and with the daytime crowds picking up and picnicking upwe ventured down to the dam end. And so we moved spots towards the dam, looking out for rises. Luckily for us, the sun that warmed our faces over lunch was more intermittent by now.

It certainly felt like every time it got warm, the fish went deeper. But as the cloud came over and we got a slight ripple again, back came the odd rise.